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  1. Why We Need to Do Our Part for the Environment

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    Keeping the environment safe is a collective responsibility. A lot of people do not know this and think it is the job of the climatic scientists to always fix the environment. In our little ways, we can help make sure that the world remains inhabitable and able to support the existence of human life. We need to preserve our natural resources and help keep the world in shape for the future generations.

    Everyone needs to get involved in this great cause because the world belongs to everybody. In your little way, you can help keep the environment safe. How can we help keep the environment safe? In this informative guide, you will learn ways how to preserve the environment with your daily efforts.

    Always Make Use of Reusable Bags

    Plastic grocery bags are difficult to decompose. They are usually dumped into the environment where they cause different types of havoc. Plastic bags can hurt both plants and animals when they get caught up in them. It is highly advised that you make use of reusable bags for all your shopping. This way you won’t have to dispose of them after every use and would go a long way to cut down on the number of disposable plastics that gets into the environment.

    Participate in Recycling

    You too can actively be involved in recycling of stuff instead of disposing of them. You can inquire from your garbage disposal if they offer recycling services, so they will help set you on the right part. You can also start by gathering your used cans and storing them up instead of throwing them straight into the trash bin.

    Get Reusable Containers

    Just like you do with shopping bags, you can also get your beverages in reusable containers. Instead of buying soda in different units, you can buy a big can of soda and use the container when it’s empty.  You will not only keep the environment clean, but you could also save some grocery money.

    Save Water and Keep it Clean

    A lot of people ignore the importance of saving water because they feel they have it in abundance. However, regulating the amount of water you use will also help cut down on your monthly bills. So turn off the shower once it is not in use, make sure your taps can be turned off completely, and mind how much water you consume daily.

    Avoid Printing As Much As You Can

    In other to reduce the demand for paper, it is advised you reduce the number of prints you care out as you go about your daily activities. In most developed countries, they are regulations against the excessive use of printed materials in other to reduce the effect of the demand for papers on the environment.

    Use Energy-Efficient Bulbs

    It is high-time you dump your regular bulbs for energy–efficient bulbs. Apart from saving your money on the energy bill, these bulbs last longer than the regular bulb.

  2. What Has Happened to The Ozone Layer?

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    The ozone layer is currently recovering from its depletion by the activities of man. The ozone layer was attacked by chemicals released into the atmosphere. These chemicals are mostly chlorofluorocarbons that contain a high amount of chlorine. They were used as aerosol propellant and refrigerants until the international body discovered the damages they were causing to the atmosphere and banned their use.

    Chemical Damage

    The chemicals, when released into the atmosphere go straight to the stratosphere and form a dangerous cycle with the radiations from the sun. This combination is responsible for a breakdown of the ozone layer. Although the chemicals were caused the ozone layer to deplete, it is the chlorine content that reacts with the ozone layer and generates a high degree of damage.

    It was until late 1970’s that climatic scientists discovered the damages that have been done to the ozone layer. As at that time, over 4% of the ozone layer was depleted globally. The destruction of the ozone layer puts the earth in a difficult situation because the ozone layer is responsible for protecting the planet from UV radiations that hit from the sun. During that period, the earth suffered an increase in skin cancer patients globally. If the situation were not adequately managed, it would lead to severe consequences that could wipe life from the face of the earth.

    The problem compounded when the region of depleted ozone layer moved over to the stratosphere over the Antarctica. The ozone levels suffered so much depletion that leads to the formation of a hole. During that time, the hole increased exponentially every year, and this puts that region under severe risk. The government reported the extent of growth and the damages it was already causing to the cities exposed to intensive UV radiations. The whole continent was under the risk of being exposed to intense UV radiation.

    Scientific Action

    A lot of climatic scientists swung into action, and it didn’t take long for the problem to be identified. The scientists discovered that the catalytic reaction of chlorine-based chemicals with the ozone layer was responsible for the massive depletion of the layer. These chemicals were banned during in 1987 after the Montreal accord. From here the use of these chemicals gradually diminished with time.

    The hole in the ozone is reducing each year as the layer recovers from the attack of chlorine-based chemicals. Although some of these chemicals are still present in the atmosphere, there are gradually cleaned off, and the full recovery of the ozone layer would finally happen around 2070. However, the ozone layer may never recover to its original state before the era of industrialization because of the endless activities of the industries in the world.

    The solution to the full recovery of the ozone layer lies in the replacement of these chemicals with better alternatives that would not affect the atmosphere. There are yet to be replaced, and with time, it is possible for people to allow their use again, leading to the destruction of the earth.

  3. What is Your Carbon Footprint

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    The carbon footprint refers to the amount of CO2 you produce in a year. This is not the same thing as the greenhouse gas production that is basically the amount of pollution produced by the manufacturing and production process of the factories. This carbon footprint is used in many countries to see how much pollution the citizens are making by their consumption and daily habits. These are the main factors that contribute to your own carbon footprint. Many people are aiming to reduce this number, but they don’t really know how it is calculated and what it means. We have listed some of the key aspects that influence your carbon footprint in order to help you better understand this concept and live a Eco-friendlier lifestyle.

    Your Transpiration

    Transportation is one of the main factors in the carbon footprint. It is not only about the emissions of your car or motorcycle, it is also about the manufacturing process and the pieces that have to be changed regularly. An older car or bike will produce more pollution than a newer one, obviously. But this is not all. If you must commute for long distances, you will produce a lot of emissions. The best way to reduce this is to use public transportation or even better, to get an ECO friendly car like a hybrid. If you don’t have to commute for long distances, a good idea is to get a bike. It will help you reduce your carbon footprint and it will also keep you into shape.

    House Size

    House size and the costs. The larger the place you live, the bigger is the bill, right? But it is not only about the money you give at the end of the month. An old house is less energy-efficient and will need more power to heat up or cool down. This is definitely increasing your carbon footprint. Getting a newer and more energy-efficient place to live is a great idea and reducing the surface will definitely help. Your bill will cost you less money and you will also be helping the nature.


    Your electronics may be a hidden pollution source. Old electronics are well-known for not being energy-efficient and they are increasing your carbon footprint. Getting new and more efficient electronics is a great way to reduce your bill and you carbon footprint. The light bulbs may seem as an innocent actor in this story, but they are a great source of waste and pollution. Instead of buying the cheapest in the supermarket, go for the long-lasting ECO-friendly light bulbs that will stay with you for years.


    This is one of the key factors. New clothes every month, new phone every year and so on. This is one of the reasons why all the ECO-friendly organizations advise you to be a responsible consumer and decide whether or not you need a fifth pair of sneakers when the ones you already have are still doing their job.

  4. Items You Should Be Recycling in Your Home

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    We generate a great deal of waste that finds its way into landfills and oceans. Many of these products are harmful to the environment and to wildlife. It is thus very important that we find ways to reduce waste through recycling. It is important that we reuse what we can since so few products biodegrade or take such a long time to biodegrade.

    Paper Items

    Recycling results in lower energy and production costs and is better for the environment and wildlife. Several items can be recycled. For instance, many people receive a lot of mail such as bills and junk mail in the form of advertising papers. You can place a container for recycling of your paper near where you open your mail. Place the junk mail and any envelopes or unneeded papers in this container.

    When recycling you often do need to separate different types of items, so for instance paper needs to be kept separate from plastic. It makes sense to sort these items at home to save you time. You may need to take the items to a recycling center or in some cities, if you are lucky, they may collect recyclables at the curb. When it comes to books it is a good idea to first look for a library or place which accepts donated books. For instance, some libraries or organizations may sell old books to raise funds. You may find that a school or hospital can use your books. This is a better idea than throwing the books away.

    Shredded paper can be recycled at a recycling center or used as compost if you have a composting system in place. Paper cups and plates can also be broken down and used in a composting system, or they can be recycled, as can cardboard boxes.

    Electronic Waste

    Waste from electronic products can be toxic so see if your electronics store will recycle these products. Ink cartridges that hold toner, are toxic as are old batteries and these should not be thrown out carelessly. Even CD and DVD cases may be recycled by certain stores. CFL bulbs contain some mercury so you need to see if you can find a hardware store or other store that will recycle these for you. Old television sets, computers and other electronics that you need to get rid of should also be recycled. These products often contain harmful components. If you are upgrading your computer consider donating your old computer (if it still works) to a school or community center.

    Plastic and Clothing

    Plastic is a big problem today with many animals in the ocean being negatively impacted by plastic. There is a huge amount of plastic that makes its way into the home. Many items of food and drink come in plastic containers today. Plastic includes polystyrene containers. Instead of throwing plastic containers out you should clean them, dry them and put them aside in a separate container to take to the recycling center.

    Clothing should be recycled as much as possible. Most cities have thrift stores or homeless shelters that can use old clothing and blankets. Shreds of clothing can even be used by an animal shelter. The items we have discussed can all be recycled, so think carefully before throwing something in the trash.

  5. Ways in Which the Fashion Industry is Being ECO Friendly

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    The fashion industry has gone through some serious scandals in the past years because of the accusations regarding the manufacturing process and the origins of the fabrics. This industry is very artistic, but it is also focused on making products at the lowest prices to sell them to a wider range of people. There are different segments in this field that address to different budgets, but most of the companies want to make the process as efficient as possible. This led to many controversies and accusations. Lately, the fashion industry started creating some ECO-friendly methods of production and it also started some very beautiful campaigns to help the environment. We have listed some of the ways in which the fashion industry is ECO friendly in order to better understand to production process and the pieces that clothe us.


    The biggest problem of the fashion industry is the production process. There are countless comparisons that show us just how bad it is for the environment. A plain colored T-shirt takes 2500 to be produced. This is the amount of water a person would drink in 900 days. These numbers are shocking, and they are one of the reasons why this problem escalated to fast. There are many companies that are proud of producing clothing using mixed materials. These are much better than the classic cotton because cotton is also a very water-consuming plant. Most of the brands now prefer to mix cotton with linen or other natural fibers that require less water to do less harm to the nature.

    Recycled Material

    A very big trend now is the recycled material. Emma Watson showed at a gala in an amazing dress made from recycled plastic bottles. This moment was a shock for the fashion industry and the average customer and it showed that responsible production is possible. There are many companies that now focus on testing recycled material and incorporating them in the next collection. Most of the indie designers have already started this trend and there are many small fashion brands that are now 100% ECO friendly. This is a trend that is spreading to the big names too.

    Some brands even battle to recycle themselves. After the fast-fashion scandal H&M started being a much more responsible company. They have recycled bins in almost every store where they invite their customers to bring their old clothes to be recycled. This way they hope to stimulate the customers to be more responsible. Another way in which the brands help the nature is by using natural dies and by avoiding materials like polyester that are proven to pollute the water when it is washed. Another emerging trend is the “lasting” one. There are many brands that fight the fast decay of the fast-fashion clothes by producing clothes that are guaranteed to last for years and years to prevent the waste.

  6. How Air Travel Is Trying to Be Greener

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    Air travel is one of the marvels of the human ingenuity and one of the fastest-developing industries in the world. We are relying on air travel more and more for our vacations and there are even places in the world where air travel is used for the daily job commute. But all this comfort and speed comes with a devastating cost. In the recent years the sky became more and more crowded because our constant need for cheap travel had to be satisfied. Now, in an international airport you will probably find flight towards all the corners of the world. We have never been this free before but while we enjoy our peanuts on our flight we are also ruining the planer. There were many ECO friendly organizations that said that the only way to stop this destruction is to stop traveling. But almost no one is willing to give up the comfort of the flight for the nature.

    The Results of Air Travel

    Many governments are facing the devastating result of air travel in their own countries and decided to do something. There are many international airports where airlines must pay extra taxes if they are using older and more polluting airplanes. This was a wake-up call for all the airlines that started to lose popularity because of this environmental scandal. And they started to do something.

    The composite materials are the future. This is the opinion of many flight engineers that studied the efficiency of flight. The older airplanes are very heavy thanks to the material used and the producers are now testing much lighter materials that will be doing the same job with less fuel consumption. This is one of the ways in which airplanes will be much more energy-efficient in the future and will reduce the carbon footprint of our holidays.

    Changing Fuels

    Ditching the fossil fuels was on the list of the claims made by all the Eco-friendly organizations in the past years. Until recent, it seems like and impossible task since there was no true alternative to them. In the recent years there are more and more production companies that are testing bio fuels for airplanes. They are proven to produce almost a significant pollution in comparison with the classic fuels. There are going to be a lot of airline interested in these fuels in the future.

    Changing the Design

    Making the space more efficient. The business class is not that big at all the airlines. Business class is very energy-consuming and inefficient because there are less people that can be seated there and there were many flights that had very few people in the business class. Producers even made airplanes that have no business class at all to be able to seat more people on the same surface as before. You will also see the flight attendants closing the window flaps more often to reduce the consumption of the AC.

  7. How to Conserve Water at Home

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    The water consumption all over the globe is rapidly increasing and this led to many concerns from the ECO NGOs and governments. There are countless ways in which you can cut down your water consumption without having to give up your modern comfort. We are wasting thousands of liters every year just by being careless and not paying attention to some small details. Whether you are cutting down your water consumption for the environment or for your bill, it is a good thing to do either way. There are many states that increased the cost of water to encourage people to consume less but unfortunately without the proper education and skills, people don’t know how to cut down the water consumption. We have listen some tips and tricks that will help you cut down your water intake and shrink your bill.

    Check Your Bills

    Look on the water bill and see if there is something odd. By this we mean that you should look if your water consumption is too high compared to the neighbors or the average consumption in your area. If you spot this kind of issue it may mean that your house is leaking water somewhere and you should pay attention to this problem. Fix all the dripping taps. A drop every few seconds may not sound like a big deal but this slow and constant drip may lead to thousands of liters of water per year to go to waste.

    Turn off the tap

    Do this while your are brushing your teeth and hands. This is a very simple yet efficient way to reduce the water consumption of your house and help the nature. If you do this, you will save thousands of liters of water every year. Also, if you want to warm up the tap water by letting it run it is good to use the warming up time and fill some empty bottles with the water. Instead of throwing that water on the drain you can use it to water the plants for example. This simple trick is extremely helpful for your water bill and for the nature.

    Ditch the long baths

    Even if we love staying in foam and enjoying some time, taking a bath is one of the most harmful habits that we have. Each time we take a bath we are consuming hundreds of liters of water that we can’t reuse afterwards because of the soap. Speaking of reusing, see if your local legislation allows you to use the gray water for the toilet. This water results from washing and it is used in many places to flush the toilet so that no liter goes to waste.

    Use Alternative Methods

    Try gathering water for the garden if you can. If you live at a house you can use the rain water later by gathering it from the roof drainage. It is a very simple thing to do and you will only need a barrel to gather the rain water.

  8. How to Stay Up to Date on Green Lifestyle and Renewable Energy

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    There are various places where you can find current information and news about a green lifestyle and renewable energy. Many people are concerned about the environment and are looking for ways to live a green lifestyle. People may also want to know about what advances or changes have been made in the renewable energy sector. There are multiple websites where you can find information on renewable energy and on green living.

    There are some terrific websites that you can access to find information and current news and updates regarding green living. One of these websites is named green living and it has various blogs and a newsletter. You can also follow them on Facebook or on Twitter if you prefer. This website is great for getting ideas, for example on how to use solar energy or even how to live a healthier lifestyle.

    Eco-Friendly Information

    If you are looking for up to date information regarding what products are eco-friendly then you can look at the website called Inhabitant. There is also information on architecture and the environment. As well as a news section that you can follow on Facebook or Twitter for up to date information.

    Tree hugger is a great site to visit to get ideas and information. You can also search for news on the site, including information on eco-friendly technology products. You can sign up for their daily newsletter as well. Another great site is the Daily Green which provides useful tips and ideas on how to live a green lifestyle. You can also sign up for a newsletter that is emailed to you, or you can simply follow this group on Facebook.

    Innovations and Trends

    There are loads websites that discuss renewable energy. Some of these sites also give the latest news on innovations and trends in the field. One of the best websites to visit is called Renewable Energy World. This website gives all types of news on renewable energy trends and developments that are occurring worldwide. They have various newsletters you can sign up for. For instance, they have a Wind Energy and Solar Energy newsletter. You can also follow Renewable Energy World on Twitter.

    Another great site for trends and current news on renewable energy is the site You can find news on a variety of topics including news on electric cars or solar energy, or company announcements. Aside from this website, it would be a good idea to search on your local utility company website for local news on advancements that are being made in the renewable energy arena. For example, if you live in Louisiana in the southern US and your provider is SWEPCO, then you can look on their website to find news and updates on their use of renewable energy resources. These different websites are all great places to find a great deal of information, handy tips and current news on advancements that are being made in terms of living a green lifestyle and in terms of renewable energy.

  9. 3 Reasons Electric Cars Are Better for You

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    Better for Your Air

    The air quality of cities is dreadful, notably New York, London and most industrial areas in China all exceed the safety limits of breathable air. This is a huge problem. Not only does this smog blacken our cityscapes and damage nature, it harms people in a multitude of ways. If we continue in the fashion we have done, it will only take another decade or two before the generational life expectancy become critically lowered. Our lungs were not made to be filled with the gases and chemicals that come out of a car exhaust – this is common sense. Electric Cars are an easy and efficient step towards making our air purer. And of course, this reduction in greenhouse gases extends not only to the towns we inhabit; but all over the globe. Cutting emissions worldwide is an achievable goal we can work towards, slowing down the progression of climate change, which will benefit everyone everywhere human, animal and plant alike.

    Better for Your Head

    Fumes aren’t the only things that fossil fuel powered cars pollute with; they also cause a great deal of noise. Compared to conventional vehicles, electric cars run almost silently. The amount of noise they make even when reaching their top speeds is minimal, especially when put side by side with a petrol car tearing it up on the motorway. Think about how often you can hear motors, how often a speeding car makes you jump, or how many times road noise overpowers the natural ambience daily. Studies have shown that people with houses closer to busy roads are more prone to heart conditions. It seems the sound of rocketing engines coming towards is more unsettling than we are aware of. With electric cars this can be a thing of the past, we can reduce anxiety and even enjoy the sounds of nature more often, which as you may know has been shown to lengthen life spans. This small, invisible change could increase the health of millions.

    Better for Your Bank Account

    Thanks to brand giants like Tesla with their eye boggling aesthetics and groundbreaking technology baked into their products, moving to electric may seem like the pricier option reserved for the rich who get to flaunt and brag about their environmentalism simultaneously. This however – is a common misconception. With brand new vehicles retailing lower than £25,000 many electric alternatives are more than affordable. Long term, it’s a no-brainer as oil changes, rising fuel prices, emissions taxes and more are no longer in your list of concerns. On top of this, the general maintenance of an electric car is much lower than petrol powered ones; this is thanks to a simplified system, which requires far less components, and therefore fewer pieces that can fail. And you can bet that as climate issues inevitably worsen before they improve, drivers of environmentally sound cars will no doubt be privy to more and more benefits (Such as the tax credits Americans receive) until it eventually becomes the norm.

  10. How to Properly Recycle Electronics

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    Pollution and waste disposal are basically two faces of the same card. We have recently started to battle with the result of our consumption after we have seen the effects that the waste electronics have on the water, soil and endangered species. Electronics are some of the most complex waste products that we make, and therefore they are so dangerous for the nature. For example, a few old batteries can kill the fish if put in an aquarium, so you can imagine what all our waste is doing to the nature. Many people want to recycle but don’t know exactly how. We have listed some very simple ways in which you can get rid of your old electronics in a nature-friendly way.

    Don’t Throw Everything Away

    First, if the gadget still works, don’t throw it away. One of the main reasons why we make so much electronic waste is because we are constantly looking for the newest model of that gadget and we don’t care what happens to the old one. This rapid turn-over is one of the causes of such a big amount of electronic waste. Try and find a place where you can donate it. People there will make sure that your old laptop will reach some poor children and like this you are doing a humanitarian act while recycling.

    Try to Repair if Possible

    There are many people that throw a good electronic product if a button fell off. This irresponsible behavior is one of the reasons why we have so much electronic waste. If you have an electronic product that may still work try to repair it. No electronic service is ever going to charge you anything if they are not able to repair it. If you manage to repair it, enjoy it some more years or give it to friends and family. Another great option  is to donate it to charity.

    Take the Product Back to the Producer

    There are many companies that have these permanent campaigns in order to stimulate the clients to recycle more. Companies like Apple will even give you a gift card that can value up to 1000 $ if your product is in one of their campaigns. This is a great way to make sure that you are taking your product in a place where they really know how to take it apart and how to value every piece because they are the ones that produced this electric device in the first place.

    Focus on the smaller products

    When you are thinking of electronics recycling, you don’t have to imagine that only fridges or washing machines are targeted by the recycling campaigns. Smaller parts like the light bulbs and batteries are also very harmful for the environment if they come in contact with the water or the soil. For this type of electronics there are more places where you can take them. There are many supermarkets that have special boxes for this type of products.