3 Reasons Electric Cars Are Better for You
3 Reasons Electric Cars Are Better for You
3 Reasons Electric Cars Are Better for You

Better for Your Air

The air quality of cities is dreadful, notably New York, London and most industrial areas in China all exceed the safety limits of breathable air. This is a huge problem. Not only does this smog blacken our cityscapes and damage nature, it harms people in a multitude of ways. If we continue in the fashion we have done, it will only take another decade or two before the generational life expectancy become critically lowered. Our lungs were not made to be filled with the gases and chemicals that come out of a car exhaust – this is common sense. Electric Cars are an easy and efficient step towards making our air purer. And of course, this reduction in greenhouse gases extends not only to the towns we inhabit; but all over the globe. Cutting emissions worldwide is an achievable goal we can work towards, slowing down the progression of climate change, which will benefit everyone everywhere human, animal and plant alike.

Better for Your Head

Fumes aren’t the only things that fossil fuel powered cars pollute with; they also cause a great deal of noise. Compared to conventional vehicles, electric cars run almost silently. The amount of noise they make even when reaching their top speeds is minimal, especially when put side by side with a petrol car tearing it up on the motorway. Think about how often you can hear motors, how often a speeding car makes you jump, or how many times road noise overpowers the natural ambience daily. Studies have shown that people with houses closer to busy roads are more prone to heart conditions. It seems the sound of rocketing engines coming towards is more unsettling than we are aware of. With electric cars this can be a thing of the past, we can reduce anxiety and even enjoy the sounds of nature more often, which as you may know has been shown to lengthen life spans. This small, invisible change could increase the health of millions.

Better for Your Bank Account

Thanks to brand giants like Tesla with their eye boggling aesthetics and groundbreaking technology baked into their products, moving to electric may seem like the pricier option reserved for the rich who get to flaunt and brag about their environmentalism simultaneously. This however – is a common misconception. With brand new vehicles retailing lower than £25,000 many electric alternatives are more than affordable. Long term, it’s a no-brainer as oil changes, rising fuel prices, emissions taxes and more are no longer in your list of concerns. On top of this, the general maintenance of an electric car is much lower than petrol powered ones; this is thanks to a simplified system, which requires far less components, and therefore fewer pieces that can fail. And you can bet that as climate issues inevitably worsen before they improve, drivers of environmentally sound cars will no doubt be privy to more and more benefits (Such as the tax credits Americans receive) until it eventually becomes the norm.

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