Are Solar Panels on Your Home Worth It
Solar Panels
Are Solar Panels on Your Home Worth It

Our search for better energy sources started when we realized that the fossil fuels are not just a limited resource but is also very bad for the nature. For years and years researchers tried to find a better alternative to the classic electricity production and when the solar panels appeared last decade it was a breakthrough. It was a new era in the energy field and many people looked forward to getting their houses covered by these too. But lately there has been a lot of controversy regarding this industry and there are many arguments that say that it is not worth it. How should you decide in this context? We have listed some of the top strong and weak points of the solar panels to help you decide for your next home investment.

Is it Worth It

Is electricity that expensive that you must put solar panels? This is one of the main debates in this industry. There are many differences in electricity prices all over the planet and there are areas in which electricity is free and other where it is quite expensive. No matter the price, solar panels will definitely help you save money and you will also have a good feeling knowing that your fridge electricity consumption is not causing pollution.

What if there is no sun?

There are many solar panel systems that come with a battery that gets charged while there is sun. This way you are guaranteed to have electricity even the rainy days. Solar panels work during winter too if they are not covered by snow. There are many options when it comes to stocking electricity but most of the houses that now have solar panels are still linked to the main electricity network for emergency situation. But if you want to have a small house in a very secluded area with no electricity solar panels are the best and only option that you have.

How expensive are they?

Solar panels have a unique technology that required years of study and yes, they can be quite expensive. But recently, the governments of many states decided to give money to the people that decided to install solar panels to give an incentive to the citizens to install more and more panels and reduce pollution. That way, in the US for example, there are many funding options and loans for these panels have a special regime that is different from the normal loans. Also, while you are on vacation and you don’t consume energy home, you can link your panels to the local network and get paid for the green electricity you make. This is a great way to make money while you relax.

The solar panels also increase the value of your house with at least 3%. This is because they are expensive themselves and they are considered a long-term investment.

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