Eco Apartments Across the Globe
Eco Apartments
Eco Apartments Across the Globe

88 Angel Street – Newtown, Australia

Built with sustainability in mind, this triple layer construction is thoughtfully designed even though it may not look this way from a glance. Using responsibly sourced building elements such as concrete made from recycled materials, these buildings also use nature efficiently, like with their green roofs. Kitted out with energy saving appliances and a smart meter to monitor expenditure, the Angel Street houses make it easy for residents to keep on top of their already reduced usage.

This marks another sustainable venture for Australia who previously set the record for most eco-friendly building in the world.

The 20 On Hawthorne – Oregon, United States

With Oregon itself making the list of most environmentally friendly places to live, its no surprise that it also boasts a fantastically eco conscious living space. Set within biking and walking distance from any conveniences you may need, the 20 On Hawthorne is a stylish and contemporary apartment building. With 3 tiers available the rooms here are delightfully modern and sure to make the best of the modest, 21st century living spaces. With a Gold LEED rating, (the system in which progressive eco buildings are assessed) this up to date home will have you thriving as part of its green community in no time.

The Beacon – London, United Kingdom

Situated in the northwest of England’s capital is a proud tower of fantastic carbon free power. The ingeniously situated solar panels that coat the circular balconies on each floor make up a solar farm with world leading density. This terrific, visually pleasing innovation rolls over its costs to the residents, as virtually all the energy for the building is sourced here. The incredible feature that sets the beacon apart from others is that because of this, those who choose to live here do not have to pay energy bills. And they don’t stop here, to be one of the greenest places around The Beacon cuts emissions by 80% thanks to its underground parking space. Accompanied by electric vehicle schemes that provide Tesla cars, and electric bikes to its inhabitants, it also boasts a water saving system, smart air ventilation and sun tracking technology to optimise solar energy. And if the building itself isn’t enough to convince stewards of terra, they can look out from their rooms to view the nearby wildlife sanctuary. This wonderful and luxurious place is certainly setting an example for the future of eco construction, and group living altogether.

8 House – Copenhagen, Denmark

A breathtaking architectural marvel in its own merit, this huge overlapping apartment complex designed by Bjarke Ingels is a sight to behold in Europe’s leading green city. The glass and metal geometry that rises from the landscape opens into a beautiful pair of courtyards, keeping the purpose of this admirable venture the forefront. Coated with 1700 metres of green roof, the tops and bottoms of this mind-bending complex flow graciously into each other. Pedestrians can walk from the path that leads up to the building all the way to the tenth floor and back again, creating a brilliantly open and accessible environment. This development shows how serious the Danish capital is about becoming the world’s first Carbon neutral city, and how style, purpose, and community all benefit within a framework that is eco friendly.

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