Eco-Friendly Electronics
Eco-Friendly Electronics
Eco-Friendly Electronics

Technology is advancing at an ever-increasing pace and we know that we can expect new and innovative gadgets to come out very quickly. Today though, many of these new products are being designed to be more ecologically friendly. This is because product developers and innovators have finally recognized the importance of the environmental movement and many consumers care more about the impact a product has on the climate.

The effect of an electronic device on the environment includes not only the raw materials that it is made of but also the amount of energy it uses. An energy efficient device will also translate to a lower electricity bill which is something that would be very attractive to any consumer and is also a thing that most manufacturers are striving for.

Rechargeable Batteries

An example of an eco-friendly product that most everyone will benefit from is the USBCell rechargeable batteries. These AA batteries have a USB port which allows them to be recharged using a computer. This reduces waste and will help stop the number of batteries being thrown out each year. Batteries are very harmful to the environment, so this is a major step towards reducing our impact on the environment. Goal Zero’s Nomad 13 is a portable solar panel which will charge your laptop computer, phone or lights. The disadvantage is that people living in countries where there is little sunlight will probably not be able to use it as much.

Eco-Friendly Computers

Some companies are now also designing eco-friendly computers. In fact, Asus and Lenovo are at the forefront of this movement and are committed to manufacturing laptops and tablets that use organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) instead of the usual LEDs. These types of lights use up much less energy than regular LEDs, which makes these devices even more energy efficient.

Instead of buying a computer keyboard made of plastic you can buy one made out of bamboo. Bamboo is a plant which grows quickly and easily and is adaptable to many different climates. You can buy the iZen Bluetooth bamboo keyboard for your PC online.

Energy Efficient Devices

Today many electronic devices are more energy efficient than their predecessors. For instance, an LCD television set is far more energy efficient than the old cathode ray types. A further advancement is that LED lighting for television is being investigated so as to make these new sets even more energy efficient. Many electronics factories are being more careful about how much waste they produce. For example, Sharp factories recycle all the water that they use when making their products. Computers today are thinner than in the past which means less material is used to make them, which is also a reason why they can be considered to be more eco-friendly than previous models.

Some computer companies are investigating ways to use less harmful materials to produce their computers. This means that computers release fewer toxic substances if they do end up in a landfill. Many businesses are also accepting old computers to recycle which also helps in the drive to have eco-friendly electronics.

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