Environmentally Friendly Pet Products to Try
Environmentally Friendly Pet Products to Try
Environmentally Friendly Pet Products to Try

The love for our pets takes us into some of the most interesting journeys of finding the perfect toy and the perfect food for our furry buddies. There are also many people that are convinced by environmentalists and want to ensure that the print they live on this planet is as little as possible. This is why there is this new trend of Eco-friendly pet products. They combine our love for the furry ones with the love for the environment. This way you will not feel guilty about buying a squeaky duck for the dog or a rope mouse for the cat. There are multiple options when it comes to toys and products and we are here to share some with you.


The first thing many pet parents take into consideration is the food for their loved ones. There were many scandals around many popular food brands because they are full of chemicals of the composition was actually very bad for their health. The other thing was that the food was processed in a very harmful way for the environment. There are many brands like TruDog that make organic food for dogs of all ages and sizes. The major bonus is that these companies are linked with charities that help pets in need. The best thing about these products is that you get high quality food that is processed in a responsible way while helping other pets in need.


Another thing to take into consideration are the supplements. Just like us, our furry friends get old and need extra help in order to be functional and happy. There are brands like FlexPet or Canna Pet that produce organic supplements that are excellent for an aging pet. There are also many companies that donate money from their income to Eco-friendly and charity NGOs. The supplements are proven to be extremely good for the health and well-being of your pets and you will be pleased by the fact that they are friendly with the environment.


The hygiene of your pet is also a great thing to take into consideration. The main things special about the Eco-friendly brands are the delicate composition and the fact that they are not harmful for the environment. Usual brands are full of chemicals that can even lead to fur loss and they are definitely toxic for the species that live in water. And the main problem is that our sewage water usually comes in contact with oceans and lakes. Brands like Wysong and Castle Bath provide organic and Eco-friendly options for careful pet parents. Kitty sand is also a thing to take into consideration. We use huge amounts of processed litter in order to keep our cats happy and clean, but the process of production is very harmful for the environment. There are countless brands that provide litter made of recycled paper or wood that make them the perfect choice for the Eco-friendly parent. The scents used for them are also organic.

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