How Air Travel Is Trying to Be Greener
How Air Travel Is Trying to Be Greener
How Air Travel Is Trying to Be Greener

Air travel is one of the marvels of the human ingenuity and one of the fastest-developing industries in the world. We are relying on air travel more and more for our vacations and there are even places in the world where air travel is used for the daily job commute. But all this comfort and speed comes with a devastating cost. In the recent years the sky became more and more crowded because our constant need for cheap travel had to be satisfied. Now, in an international airport you will probably find flight towards all the corners of the world. We have never been this free before but while we enjoy our peanuts on our flight we are also ruining the planer. There were many ECO friendly organizations that said that the only way to stop this destruction is to stop traveling. But almost no one is willing to give up the comfort of the flight for the nature.

The Results of Air Travel

Many governments are facing the devastating result of air travel in their own countries and decided to do something. There are many international airports where airlines must pay extra taxes if they are using older and more polluting airplanes. This was a wake-up call for all the airlines that started to lose popularity because of this environmental scandal. And they started to do something.

The composite materials are the future. This is the opinion of many flight engineers that studied the efficiency of flight. The older airplanes are very heavy thanks to the material used and the producers are now testing much lighter materials that will be doing the same job with less fuel consumption. This is one of the ways in which airplanes will be much more energy-efficient in the future and will reduce the carbon footprint of our holidays.

Changing Fuels

Ditching the fossil fuels was on the list of the claims made by all the Eco-friendly organizations in the past years. Until recent, it seems like and impossible task since there was no true alternative to them. In the recent years there are more and more production companies that are testing bio fuels for airplanes. They are proven to produce almost a significant pollution in comparison with the classic fuels. There are going to be a lot of airline interested in these fuels in the future.

Changing the Design

Making the space more efficient. The business class is not that big at all the airlines. Business class is very energy-consuming and inefficient because there are less people that can be seated there and there were many flights that had very few people in the business class. Producers even made airplanes that have no business class at all to be able to seat more people on the same surface as before. You will also see the flight attendants closing the window flaps more often to reduce the consumption of the AC.

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