How Can You Alter Your Carbon Footprint?
How Can You Alter Your Carbon Footprint?

Everybody is aware the danger the planet is under from pollution, and it is a totally self-made problem. It is mankind that produces pollution and is damaging the earth and its atmosphere to highly dangerous levels. Most people ignore their own contribution to the problem, and just think that it is major industries that have to curb their ways.

But have you ever stopped to think what you can do to help the situation? Here are some tips that can help to reduce your own carbon footprint and contribute to making the world a better place to live.

Eat Less Meat

Above all, the single most effective way of reducing your carbon footprint is to stop eating meat. The greenhouse gases that are emitted from agri-businesses are a larger problem than fossil fuels. Red meat production consumes over ten times more water and produces twenty percent more emissions than poultry production.

Just a single pound of beef consumes five thousand gallons of water, and the industry is the number one consumer or water in the world.

Unplug Electric Devices

Many people just turn off their TV by the remote handset or leave their devices plugged into the socket but are not aware that energy is still being sucked out even if the device is powered down. This is termed as vampire power, and it causes the consumption of almost twenty billion dollars of energy each and every year. Just leave all your devices unplugged when not in use, and this will definitely help your carbon footprint.

Drive Less

Leave the car at home and take the bus, and this will dramatically cut the emissions from engines. There are more and more bike lanes popping up in towns and cities encouraging citizens to take up pedal power and cycle to work. As well as being much better for the environment your health will also improve.

Choose Organic and Local

When you are considering what to eat think about where the food is coming from, and as a rule of thumb opt for the food that is reared or grown the nearest to where you live. Just imagine the energy that is wasted and the pollution caused by importing foods.

If goods have to be loaded on ships, planes, trains, and lorries for consumption then this is a total nightmare. All along the journey the produce must remain refrigerated so that it does not spoil, and to keep it from degrading additives are also added.

Whilst you are thinking along the lines of eating locally also avoid processed foods. Foods that have been packaged and processed are often really bad for your health. Big food plants are major producers of pollution, and many processed products are causing obesity and disease. It is far better to select whole foods and produce that has been organically grown.

Not only will they be better for the environment, and healthier they also taste much better than their processed counterparts. Adopting one or two of these tips will dramatically improve your own carbon footprint, and who knows may contribute to a healthier and longer life.

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