How Social Media Influencers Can Have a Positive Effect on
How Social Media Influencers Can Have a Positive Effect on
How Social Media Influencers Can Have a Positive Effect on

Millions of people around the world use social media in some form or other every day. This suggests that social media can be a powerful tool in bringing about important changes and raising awareness of social issues and what can be done to resolve problems. In fact, research has shown that more adults in America now get their news from social media rather than any other source.

Social media and climate change awareness

Studies have found evidence that the impact of social media on environmental awareness has been, for the most part, positive. It is noteworthy that about one fifth of Americans have discussed weather and weather-related events on social media. People have also been talking about global warming and its negative consequences on Facebook, Twitter and other media platforms. This situation forces one to conclude that social media can lead to greater awareness of climate change issues, such as global warming and the effect of pollution. Such increasing awareness could conceivably lead people to take steps to improve environmental problems or inspire and motivate them to push for climate reform by the government. This all suggests that social media influencers can help to not only make people aware of environmental concerns and problems, but may also lead to positive changes in the future.

Wildlife conservation efforts

These influencers are capable to encourage people to be more involved in wildlife protection and conservation. Scientists suggest that more can and should be done when it comes to using social media sites as an avenue to increase awareness of the plight of wildlife. Plenty of injured animals have been rescued and passed on to rehabilitation centers due to the endless web of connections that are sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  Many of the rehabilitation centers now have an online presence. In effect this has helped in saving thousands of animals who have been placed in safe forever homes. Such centers will often ask for donations via social media, which helps them to raise the funds they need to stay open and look after the animals. Many big wildlife conservation organizations have a large Facebook presence too and we can see their popularity in the amount of likes and followers. The World Wildlife Fund, for instance, averages over 2 million likes and 2 million followers.

Government and social media

The strong influence of social media should not be underestimated; in this regard, even government organizations have become privy to this useful tool. The government of Quebec in Canada, for example, has a page that addresses the environment and climate change. This is a great way to reach the entire population of a country and make them aware of the steps being taken by the government to bring about positive climate and environmental change. This, in turn, leads to citizens being well informed about the importance of the environment and its impact and can also function to encourage people to take a more active role.

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