How Tesla Has Changed the Electric Car Industry
How Tesla Has Changed the Electric Car Industry
How Tesla Has Changed the Electric Car Industry

Tesla is now the brand that is equivalent with the future and innovation. The brand started with big ideas and continues to impress us every year with new models, better specifications and amazing designs. Tesla is considered one of the major ice-breakers in the auto industry that managed to change the paradigm surrounding the electric cars. Tesla has an impact on all types of car, but the major change is in the electric car industry. This is the place where Tesla managed to bring the biggest change. Many people wonder why this brand to is innovative and why there are no major competitors against this giant. We have listed some of the main reasons why Tesla is and will be the major voice in the auto industry to better understand the future of transportation.

Electrics for Everyone

Tesla is the first company that decided that the electric cars should not be only for the nature enthusiasts. In the past, most of the electric cars were advertised as the perfect car for the nature and environment lovers. And this strategy didn’t work so well, especially due to the very high price of the cars. Even if a nature lover wanted to buy an electric car, the probability was that the price tag was so big that only a few people could afford it. Tesla came with another marketing strategy. Instead of presenting it as a car for the nature lover, the Tesla cars were advertised as cars of the future and everybody liked this idea. This is one of the reasons why this brand gained so much popularity in such a short amount of time.

The design

If the other electric car companies focused mainly on the engine, Tesla understood that most of the clients want to have a nice car too. Tesla received countless design and car aesthetic awards thanks to the amazing and futuristic designs of the cars. They also managed to be better in this field than some very strong names in the classic car industry. After the first futuristic models were released, some of the classic car companies adopted some of the features and incorporated them in their next productions. This is the sign on a very good design team.

The price tag of a Tesla car may be a bit higher than a classic fuel car but long term it is totally worth it. This price tag was the breakthrough in the electric car industry. Now, the brand is working on cheaper and cheaper cars that would be affordable for the average citizen. This business model is quite unique and shows that the brand has something else in mind besides money.

The battery and autonomy of the Tesla is the biggest on the market. People avoided electric cars in the past because they had a very short battery life. The Tesla innovation brought the autonomy of the electric car closer to the autonomy of a classic car and this is amazing.

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