How to Be Eco-friendlier in Your Day to Day Life
Reduce Waste
How to Be Eco-friendlier in Your Day to Day Life

Being Eco-friendly is one of the best and healthiest trends of the last few years. Many people that have come to the realization that we are the main source of pollution and that we must change our habits in order to preserve the planet for ourselves and future generations. The governments of many states have already started to implement Eco-friendly policies but the truth is that we all have to contribute by making small changes in our daily lives. They may seem insignificant, but they ultimately have a huge impact.

Reduce Waste

The main source of pollution today is waste. We are producing so much waste that dumping grounds can’t handle it anymore. The processes used to destroy refuse is extremely harmful for the environment because it usually consists of burning everything, releasing toxins into the atmosphere. A good step in the right direction is to buy products made from recycled materials. One of the best examples is the travel coffee cup most of us use every day. Try switching to one made from recycled materials and carry it around with you. When you go to the coffee shop you ask them to fill it directly instead of using a single-use cup. The same principle applies to water bottles. Buy a durable water can, preferably made of recycled plastic and use that one. You will prevent a lot of waste and you will also have water with you at all times.

Preserve Water

While you are brushing your teeth turn on the water only when you really need it. And who doesn’t love a hot bath? They are very relaxing but, in the interest of water conservation, try to have one as seldom as possible. One bath consumes hundreds of liters of water that is usually not reused and goes directly into the ground and then into water sources. Switch to short showers instead and try buying some Eco-friendly toilets that consume much less water than regular ones.

Travel Wisely

Transportation is another source of pollution. We are too dependent on our cars and this is so detrimental to nature. Try carpooling with some of your neighbors or co-workers if your workplace is too far away to bike to or you can use public transportation. Biking is the best option, however, as not only is it completely Eco-friendly, it is also an exceptional workout.

Eat Smart

Food is something we don’t consider too much when talking about saving the environment, but the food industry is actually one of the most harmful. A lot of products have to be transported for hundreds of miles to get to your plate. Instead, try buying locally sourced fruits and vegetables in season.  This is the best choice because you will get better quality food while helping local farmers. There are many places in which you can find markets with a huge variety of fruit and vegetables and it is also fun to go shopping there.

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