How to Conserve Water at Home
How to Conserve Water at Home
How to Conserve Water at Home

The water consumption all over the globe is rapidly increasing and this led to many concerns from the ECO NGOs and governments. There are countless ways in which you can cut down your water consumption without having to give up your modern comfort. We are wasting thousands of liters every year just by being careless and not paying attention to some small details. Whether you are cutting down your water consumption for the environment or for your bill, it is a good thing to do either way. There are many states that increased the cost of water to encourage people to consume less but unfortunately without the proper education and skills, people don’t know how to cut down the water consumption. We have listen some tips and tricks that will help you cut down your water intake and shrink your bill.

Check Your Bills

Look on the water bill and see if there is something odd. By this we mean that you should look if your water consumption is too high compared to the neighbors or the average consumption in your area. If you spot this kind of issue it may mean that your house is leaking water somewhere and you should pay attention to this problem. Fix all the dripping taps. A drop every few seconds may not sound like a big deal but this slow and constant drip may lead to thousands of liters of water per year to go to waste.

Turn off the tap

Do this while your are brushing your teeth and hands. This is a very simple yet efficient way to reduce the water consumption of your house and help the nature. If you do this, you will save thousands of liters of water every year. Also, if you want to warm up the tap water by letting it run it is good to use the warming up time and fill some empty bottles with the water. Instead of throwing that water on the drain you can use it to water the plants for example. This simple trick is extremely helpful for your water bill and for the nature.

Ditch the long baths

Even if we love staying in foam and enjoying some time, taking a bath is one of the most harmful habits that we have. Each time we take a bath we are consuming hundreds of liters of water that we can’t reuse afterwards because of the soap. Speaking of reusing, see if your local legislation allows you to use the gray water for the toilet. This water results from washing and it is used in many places to flush the toilet so that no liter goes to waste.

Use Alternative Methods

Try gathering water for the garden if you can. If you live at a house you can use the rain water later by gathering it from the roof drainage. It is a very simple thing to do and you will only need a barrel to gather the rain water.

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