How to Educate Coming Generations About Eco-friendly Lifestyle
Eco-friendly Lifestyle
How to Educate Coming Generations About Eco-friendly Lifestyle

Our constant struggles to become friendlier to the environment led to a great change in our mindsets. For example, a few years ago recycling was considered a niche thing that was done solely by the strong environmentalists and now we see more and more people taking their plastic bottles to be recycled. We have new regulations and laws in most of the countries that forbid us from destroying the planet and this is for sure a great thing. But we see that a new generation appears and the main question is how we can educate them in order to ensure that our hard work will be continued.

Lead by Example

First of all, we have to be a good model ourselves. A child has as a main role model in the parent and the closest relatives, at least during the early years. If a kid sees that we throw plastic bottles in the water when we go to the seaside, that child will understand that this is totally fine. This is very problematic because most of our behavior are copied from our parents and close relations. A good way to start the teaching process is to show the child that the family is Eco-friendly and respects the nature.


Another great tip is to involve the children as soon as possible in Eco-friendly activities like recycling or planting trees. This way they not only see that the family does something but can also get involved. And that’s how you create a very good habit that will ensure that the child will continue your work. There are also many Eco-friendly children summer camps in which they can get involved in saving the planet while they play with their friends. This way these activities will not be considered unpleasant or even a burden and you will manage to ensure the continuity in the battle for the planet.

Take your child into nature and explain the marvels of it. Just talking about it and environmental issues with a child can be quite an abstract discussion for most of them and this is why going in the nature itself as much as possible is extraordinary. This way the child will get the importance and beauty of the nature and this is how you will be able to create a healthy mentality. In these trips try to involve children as much as possible so this way they can also have fun while learning about the nature.

Teach your children to recycle and save energy. There are many kids who are attached to old clothes and toys that they no longer use. Try to explain to them the importance of recycling and how they will get a new life. Teach them to switch off the lights when they no longer need it and explain why leaving running water while brushing their teeth is a very bad thing. This way you will build a very healthy behavior that they will have for the rest of their lives.

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