How to Properly Recycle Electronics
How to Properly Recycle Electronics
How to Properly Recycle Electronics

Pollution and waste disposal are basically two faces of the same card. We have recently started to battle with the result of our consumption after we have seen the effects that the waste electronics have on the water, soil and endangered species. Electronics are some of the most complex waste products that we make, and therefore they are so dangerous for the nature. For example, a few old batteries can kill the fish if put in an aquarium, so you can imagine what all our waste is doing to the nature. Many people want to recycle but don’t know exactly how. We have listed some very simple ways in which you can get rid of your old electronics in a nature-friendly way.

Don’t Throw Everything Away

First, if the gadget still works, don’t throw it away. One of the main reasons why we make so much electronic waste is because we are constantly looking for the newest model of that gadget and we don’t care what happens to the old one. This rapid turn-over is one of the causes of such a big amount of electronic waste. Try and find a place where you can donate it. People there will make sure that your old laptop will reach some poor children and like this you are doing a humanitarian act while recycling.

Try to Repair if Possible

There are many people that throw a good electronic product if a button fell off. This irresponsible behavior is one of the reasons why we have so much electronic waste. If you have an electronic product that may still work try to repair it. No electronic service is ever going to charge you anything if they are not able to repair it. If you manage to repair it, enjoy it some more years or give it to friends and family. Another great option  is to donate it to charity.

Take the Product Back to the Producer

There are many companies that have these permanent campaigns in order to stimulate the clients to recycle more. Companies like Apple will even give you a gift card that can value up to 1000 $ if your product is in one of their campaigns. This is a great way to make sure that you are taking your product in a place where they really know how to take it apart and how to value every piece because they are the ones that produced this electric device in the first place.

Focus on the smaller products

When you are thinking of electronics recycling, you don’t have to imagine that only fridges or washing machines are targeted by the recycling campaigns. Smaller parts like the light bulbs and batteries are also very harmful for the environment if they come in contact with the water or the soil. For this type of electronics there are more places where you can take them. There are many supermarkets that have special boxes for this type of products.

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