How to Properly Recycle Old Appliances and Furniture
Recycle Old Appliances and Furniture
How to Properly Recycle Old Appliances and Furniture

We have all faced the moment in which we wanted to change the appliances and furniture in our homes. The main problem is not finding the right products to buy, it is rather the way you get rid of the old ones. Most of the people tend to just throw them away in front of their building in order to be picked-up by the garbage service in their city. This is very problematic because most of the stuff we throw away can actually still be used or refurbished. This unconscious waste is one of the main reasons why we have huge amounts of rubbish all over the place. There are many people that want to be as Eco-friendly as possible when disposing of their old appliances and furniture in order to give them a new life.


First of all, let’s start with the appliances. There are many people that have appliances that still work, and they just dump them. Instead, you could try to sell them in order to also get some extra cash. There are many big websites like Craigslist or even Ebay where you can sell them. Plenty of people have need for cheap appliances and if they are living nearby, they will often come to pick them up themselves. Another great choice is to call second-hand appliance shops in order for them to pick them up. This is a great choice to get some extra money, too.

If the appliance is simply dead and it is never going to work again, you can always call the recycling centers to come and pick them up. This is the most responsible way to get rid of old and unwanted appliances. The main pros are that you will not to pay the dumping fee and will also contribute to the recycling of the old parts in order to give life to new products.


Furniture is really one of the main products that can easily be recycled. You can choose to recycle it yourself by painting or modifying it, but if you really want to get rid of it forever, there are many options. You can organize a garage sale in order to get rid of them. This kind of event is also very nice to get rid of old clothes and old appliances that still work. The garage sale will not make you extremely rich but at least you will know that your old furniture has a new home.

Another great choice is to call the local thrift shops or second-hand shops. This way you will get rid of the old furniture and also get some money. Another great thing is to sell it online for some extra bucks. But one of the nicest ways to recycle both of these products is to donate them to charity. There are many NGOs that look for these products and they often don’t have the money to buy them. This way you can also help the local NGOs build their structure.

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