How to Reduce Your Waste in Your Home
How to Reduce Your Waste in Your Home
How to Reduce Your Waste in Your Home

Humans create a great deal of trash in their everyday lives, it’s a fact of life. One of the best approaches to help the environment is to reduce the amount of waste that you and your family are generating at home. There are some simple ways that you can do this, read a long to find out more.

Reduce Plastic

A great start is to shift from plastic to cloth bags when you go shopping. This way you will not be buying and using new bags each time, especially the ones that do not break down and ruin the environment. If you do have plastic bags at home, they should be recycled or reused to be put to the best use. Make sure to keep plastic trash in a separate container from regular trash. In fact, keep all your recyclables aside. Your community may specifically collect these items curbside. If this is not the case, then you should be responsible and take the items to a recycling center yourself, or to where they are collected. It is best to separate plastic, paper, glass and aluminum cans.


If you drink a lot of soda, then you should clean out and keep the aluminum soda cans or plastic bottles for recycling. Do not throw these in the trash. Paper and cardboard can also be recycled but you can also reuse these items. If you have a garden with a compost pit, you can recycle cardboard and paper by placing these into your compost pit. If you have used only one side of a piece of paper, keep it and use the other side as well. You can use old paper and even previous receipts to write shopping lists on. This way you are not wasting paper.  Avoid buying bottled water. Rather buy an attachment or filter system for your tap water. This will save you on money and waste in the long term.

Don’t Waste Food

Food waste is another area that is of concern. Do not buy food that could go bad before you get a chance to eat it. If you do find you have extra unspoiled food that you know you will not be eating, then rather donate this food to a food pantry or shelter. There are many people who do not have enough food to eat. Instill in your children that they must not waste it either. Buy containers that are airtight so that you can place food in then where they are protected from insect infestation. Once the edibles are infested with moths or beetles, you have to throw it away. This can be prevented by using proper sealable containers.

Reuse & Donate

Any old clothes and blankets can also be donated to shelters. If the condition of the items is very bad you can donate to the SPCA or another animal shelter for them to use for the dogs and cats. When an item breaks, first see if you can fix it. For instance, if you have a hole in an item of clothing, rather than throwing it out, you can mend it. You should also not buy new clothes and only wear them once before discarding. This is very wasteful and costs a lot of money. Following these simple tips will dramatically reduce the amount of waste in your home.

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