How to Stay Up to Date on Green Lifestyle and Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy
How to Stay Up to Date on Green Lifestyle and Renewable Energy

There are various places where you can find current information and news about a green lifestyle and renewable energy. Many people are concerned about the environment and are looking for ways to live a green lifestyle. People may also want to know about what advances or changes have been made in the renewable energy sector. There are multiple websites where you can find information on renewable energy and on green living.

There are some terrific websites that you can access to find information and current news and updates regarding green living. One of these websites is named green living and it has various blogs and a newsletter. You can also follow them on Facebook or on Twitter if you prefer. This website is great for getting ideas, for example on how to use solar energy or even how to live a healthier lifestyle.

Eco-Friendly Information

If you are looking for up to date information regarding what products are eco-friendly then you can look at the website called Inhabitant. There is also information on architecture and the environment. As well as a news section that you can follow on Facebook or Twitter for up to date information.

Tree hugger is a great site to visit to get ideas and information. You can also search for news on the site, including information on eco-friendly technology products. You can sign up for their daily newsletter as well. Another great site is the Daily Green which provides useful tips and ideas on how to live a green lifestyle. You can also sign up for a newsletter that is emailed to you, or you can simply follow this group on Facebook.

Innovations and Trends

There are loads websites that discuss renewable energy. Some of these sites also give the latest news on innovations and trends in the field. One of the best websites to visit is called Renewable Energy World. This website gives all types of news on renewable energy trends and developments that are occurring worldwide. They have various newsletters you can sign up for. For instance, they have a Wind Energy and Solar Energy newsletter. You can also follow Renewable Energy World on Twitter.

Another great site for trends and current news on renewable energy is the site You can find news on a variety of topics including news on electric cars or solar energy, or company announcements. Aside from this website, it would be a good idea to search on your local utility company website for local news on advancements that are being made in the renewable energy arena. For example, if you live in Louisiana in the southern US and your provider is SWEPCO, then you can look on their website to find news and updates on their use of renewable energy resources. These different websites are all great places to find a great deal of information, handy tips and current news on advancements that are being made in terms of living a green lifestyle and in terms of renewable energy.

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