How to Use Renewable Energy in Your Home
How to Use Renewable Energy in Your Home

A good way to save money on your electric bill is to choose to use as much renewable energy as you possibly can. It may cost you more initially in the startup and installation costs of the equipment. However, over the long term, the cost will actually be reduced as your electric bill will be less costly.

Solar Power

Solar power is a good source of renewable energy. To use solar power for energy you need to have solar panels installed. These can cost quite a lot of money, but in the future the cost is very likely to go down. You can install solar panels on the roof or in the yard. One limitation is that you have to live somewhere where you get enough yearly sunshine to make the use of solar panels a worthwhile investment. Solar energy can potentially generate about

10 kilowatts per square foot of solar panels. You cannot totally rely on solar power because it only works while the sun is up. This means that you still need to be on the electric grid or use another source of renewable energy, such as for instance wind energy.

Research is ongoing on developing batteries that can store solar energy for long periods of time. In the coming years solar power may be sufficient and energy storage improved such that you do not need additional sources of energy even when the sun is not out. Since solar panels cost a lot of money you can always start small and have only one or two of them. This can be used to power your lighting system at least. You can also buy a solar oven or make your own, to be used to heat food outside. Solar power can also be used to heat the house, so even if you are not using it to generate electricity, you can use a solar water heater. This is much cheaper than an electric or gas water heater.

Wind Power

A wind turbine can be installed if you have the space to do so. A major drawback of wind turbines is that they tend to be not attractive looking and they make a noise. This means that your neighbors may not be happy if you install one. But if you are able to get it working, you can generate a lot, if not all, of your power needs. If you live in a windy area, then this will certainly be a very good option for you to use to generate electricity.


You can use hydropower for your house but only if you have a source of flowing water on your property. You can simply divert the stream so that it has to flow through a turbine. This is not as easy to do as you might think, and chances are you may need to hire a professional to help divert the flow and install the generator. Unlike wind and solar power, hydropower is very stable since it produces continuous energy, provided the stream is flowing without interruption. And with this we have discussed some of the ways that you can use renewable energy in your home.

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