Is Public Transport Better for the Environment?
Is Public Transport Better for the Environment
Is Public Transport Better for the Environment?

We know that most types of transportation pollute the environment. In the United States alone, it causes a tremendous amount of pollution, and in fact as much as 40% of all the fuel emissions are due to methods of transportation. The burning of fuel in engines produces very large emissions that not only generate large amount of pollution in the atmosphere, but also contribute extensively to the problem of global warming.

Use it Often

A wise strategy is to choose public transportation as much as possible. This way you are not polluting the environment by driving your car. It also often is cheaper, and it leaves less wear and tear on your own car, so the pros of such arrangement should be welcome. Certainly, some cities such as New York have intentionally encouraged use of public transportation methods by having many toll roads and very expensive parking for individual cars. This means it is cheaper for people in NYC to use the subway or buses than to drive their own vehicle.


There are in fact several advantages to public transport. Fewer cars on the road will result in decreased traffic congestion. This translates into reduced noise and air pollution. It is also often safer to travel by public transport, especially as commuters may be tired and more likely to have an accident in their own cars.

Another advantage is that public transportation vehicles are starting to use cleaner alternative fuels. This means there is less diesel being burnt and releasing emissions into the atmosphere. In Los Angeles, California for instance there are 2500 clean air commuter and metro buses. Public transport is definitely better for the environment especially since cities such as Los Angeles are more frequently using clean energy buses. In 9 years in California, there has been an increase from only 9% of buses using clean energy to 29% of the units. This number is certain to grow in the future. Using public transport has other benefits for people aside from being good for the environment. For example, people can make friends, and can also catch up on sleep while they are commuting. There is no worry about falling asleep behind the wheel so in that way it is safer.

Public transportation vehicles such as buses reduce emissions which greatly decreases the development of smog in the cities. This means that people have healthier air to breathe. Comparing a bus carrying only 7 people with 1 person driving a car, it has been found that buses only produce 1/5 the amount of emissions as compared to the findings of the car results. This is a substantial decrease in discharge released per person that is traveling.

Public transportation is better for the environment as has been shown by studies that have been done on emissions. There are other benefits such as less noise and traffic congestion, and it is safer since tired commuters are not driving. Whenever possible, you should try to take public transport rather than drive your own car.

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