Leaders in Environmental Change
Climate Activists
Leaders in Environmental Change

The world around us has seen many changes in the latest decades and this is why there were so many environmental movements. There were countless international meetings and conferences on this topic and they managed to lead to the major changes in laws that we see now. The main thing people take into consideration when they choose to change their lifestyle is usually the purpose of the movement and the person that inspired them. There are many great leaders in this movement that managed to change the perspective of millions and negotiated agreements with the leaders of the nations. We have listed some of the major leaders in the environmental change in order to get you inspired and to see how you can contribute.

Mother of Change

Rachel Carson is considered by many the mother of the environmental movement. She was a scientist and author that managed to understand and study the effects of pesticides and toxins on the marine life. She tried convincing many political leaders to join her movement but didn’t succeed with everyone. She was extremely dedicated, and she preferred using the science in order to convince the others.

Fighters for Change

Aldo Leopold is a Yale graduate that studied the life of the forest and the wild animals his entire career. He is one of the first scientists that fought for the conservation of some of the most endangered species on the planet. He traveled to many countries in order to better understand the consequences of our lifestyle and behavior on the nature. He wrote many books that inspired the next generation of environmentalists.

Kandi Mossett is one of the most well-known modern activists. She fights for green energy implementation in remote areas that would have no other energy choice. She stated many times that her driving force comes from the fact that if we don’t do something soon about the energy crisis the future of the generations will be uncertain. She is very brave and likes educating indigenous people about nature conservation and responsible energy sources.

Climate Activists

Heidi Cullen is one of the most famous climate activists. She is well-known in America thanks to her TV series in which she explains the nature change and global warming to the average citizen. She also worked for the Weather Channel and traveled the world to gain evidence of the climate change. She is one of the most respected personalities in this branch and likes having a very balanced and calm discussion for the environment.

Al Gore is probably the most famous activist today. He was the vice-president of the USA and ever since he fought for the nature and the laws that protect the environment. He released many documentaries in which he presents different scenarios for the future of the planet if we don’t do something about the climate change. He also does special seminars and courses for the community activists in order to show them different methods that they can implement when they return home.

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