Make Your Garden Greener – Part 1
Garden Greener
Make Your Garden Greener – Part 1

Going green is a mindset that is slowly gaining ground, yet so many people already have a green haven at their residence – the garden. There is no place better to begin your journey in becoming more eco conscious than the spot where you are closest with nature. Here you have the very components you are trying to preserve and being face to face with the plants and trees you are hoping to care for will help keep you in check. Unlike the advances complicated systems like cars need to undergo to become environmentally friendly, your back garden is practically there already. But we can all take small steps that make a big difference, especially when it comes to something like climate change, here are some easy ways to keep your greenest of places even greener.


This easy addition to any modest sized garden is also a great way to save space in your rubbish bin. By using food scraps (be careful not to use meat, bones or fish though) and other degradable materials, you can help cultivate a healthy and rich food source for your soil. Simply allocating a spot to make a pile of these products can save the plastics used to create outdoor bins. In a few months time you will be able to see how your waste products are recycled into something useable once again.

Use Natural Products

The chemical age gave birth to all manner of products that we use daily, but it’s only recently that we have begun to see the consequences. The products concocted in labs around the world do not belong in nature, and as a result we can now see that long term they often do more harm than good. Therefore we should all make a shift towards using natural products instead of mass-produced pesticides, weed killers and growth enhancers. Only then can you can rest assured that whatever you or the wildlife that inhabits your garden consumes, it is safe. Chemicals find their way into rivers, across borders and eventually into our bodies so its best to avoid them entirely. There is always a non-evasive workaround that doesn’t involve putting yourself or the environment at risk. Use organic, try your best to grow organic and simply check online for natural remedies to any hiccups you are having in your garden, there will always be someone to help.

Water Wisely

Good old H2O is a necessity for the whole planet, and although sometimes it seems as if we have it in leaps and bounds, it is a resource we cannot continue to use frivolously. Plants require lots of water, but there are some very simple steps you can use to optimize your usage. Using a rain barrel is a great start. Collecting rainwater and keeping it for those dry seasons is a fantastic no-brainer for conserving water. You can buy these ready made, but if you fancy spending more time outside, why not make your own. On top of this, distributing water correctly can make lots of difference. Using simple and sustainable tools like bamboo guttering can make your garden more effective while remaining natural.

Use Reel Mowers

We almost don’t even think about the traditional tools anymore now we are inundated with mechanic assistants. A super easy way to reduce your carbon footprint is to replace your petrol lawn mower with a manual push mower. You have no doubt seen them in films and TV in idyllic scenes of Middle America, which makes a lot of sense. Although they may feel a little archaic, these simplistic yet effective tools make the air safer for you and your neighbours. And since they require a little push, they keep you healthier by giving you a little workout too.

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