New Eco-Friendly Transport Companies
New Eco-Friendly Transport Companies

Today there is a great deal of concern over the environment and over such issues as air pollution and global warming. As a result, many people are looking for ways to reduce their impact on the environment, whether that be by recycling materials, using solar energy or finding alternative ways of transportation that have a minimal impact on the world.

Public Transport

It certainly is better for the environment to use some of the currently available methods of public transportation. When more people use public transportation than drive themselves, there is a decrease in traffic congestion, noise pollution and of course air pollution, since fewer emissions are released into the atmosphere. Some buses have now been designed to be ecofriendly. The State of California has an initiative to develop zero emission buses for the future. Some companies such as Sunlight Transit are already using electric fuel cell buses, much like Orange County does.


Uber is a well-known rideshare company that has its headquarters in San Francisco. The company now operates worldwide, and the idea is that anybody can become a taxi driver for Uber. To use Uber, if it is in your city, you simply download the app and reserve a driver online. Uber claims to be saving the environment since it is a rideshare company. However, taking a bus may be more environmentally friendly than taking an Uber, unless your Uber is an electric car. In fact, Uber has now established UberGREEN in which you can ask for an ecofriendly car. These types will certainly be more advantageous and cleaner than conventional cars.

Rideshare Programs

Recently Bird Company started a rideshare program using electric scooters. The company has started this ecofriendly rideshare program and is hoping that they will generate enough revenue and interest that they will be able to expand into other major cities and states in the United States. They already have $100 million from investors who are very interested in the program and eager to see the program succeed. The way that customers use the scooters is that they download the app to their smartphones. They then use the app to find and reserve a scooter that they then use, as well as take a look at instructions on how to drive the vehicle. At the end of the evening somebody collects all the scooters and takes them to a central location. Bird’s scooters are truly environmentally friendly, more so than the ride sharing company, Uber. This is because unlike Uber, Bird’s scooters do not release harmful emissions into the atmosphere since they are all electric. The scooters are very helpful and will be good for easing traffic congestion in urban areas like city centers, and on university campuses. The use of the such vehicles is also very cheap; it costs only $1 a mile for a person to ride them.  There are certainly some ecofriendly companies involved in rideshare today, and over time it is hoped that even more transportation companies will endeavor to only use ecofriendly vehicles.

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