Norway Stops Deforestation
Norway Stops Deforestation
Norway Stops Deforestation

Everybody is aware just how much deforestation is damaging our planet, and Norway has become the first country in the world to ban this activity. On the 26th May 2016, the Norwegian Parliament pledged to its people and the world that any future government land procurement will be totally deforestation free.

The Policy

This policy lays out the many restrictions the Norwegians are placing on deforestation to eradicate it from Norway, and it is hoped that other nations will take note and follow their lead.

The policy goes deeper in its detail, no product that contributes to deforestation will be used in any Nordic country. This is in line with the Action Plan on Nature Diversity. The Norwegian government decided to ratify this decision after being lobbied by the Rainforest Foundation Norway that worked tirelessly for years to bring this momentous decision a reality. A spokesman for Rainforest Foundation Norway, Nils Ranum commented over the last few years, a number of companies have committed to stop buying goods that are linked to the destruction of the rainforest.

A Giant Step for Mankind  

The pledge by Norway is just another example how this deep thinking and responsible country is leading the world in such matters. It is a shining example for other nations to follow their policies and to stop the destruction of the world’s rainforests.

Norway also has been getting involved to help Guyana, and they have given two hundred and fifty million dollars to protect the South American country’s beleaguered forests. This payment was done with the collaboration of the United Nations under the initiative to reduce the emissions that occur when there is deforestation. It is interesting that the focus has been on Guyana as the country does not have a severe deforestation problem unlike some of its near neighbors.

The Case for Banning Deforestation

The earth is covered by thirty percent of forest, they are in effect the lungs of our world. The forests produce the earth’s oxygen and filters out harmful carbon dioxide. The forests are also home to unique bio-diversities and groups of peoples.

All this is in critical danger as man cuts down the forests for economic gain. According to the World Wildlife Fund over one and a half million people rely on the forests of the world to provide food and shelter, but still around fifty thousand square miles of forest are destroyed every year. To put this into context that is roughly fifty football fields every sixty seconds.

The contribution that deforestation has on the Earth’s greenhouse and gas emissions is estimated at around fifteen percent. This is absolutely massive and cannot be allowed to continue. But deforestation does not just affect climate change, it endangers natural habitats and can disrupt natural life cycles.

This can be seen by the number of endangered species of animals that are now on critical lists. Once gone these creatures can never reappear on our planet. Norway has shown the world how it should behave and have taken the lead in deforestation.

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