Politics and Environment
Politics and Environment

The environmental movement started more than a century ago when people started to realize that our interference is actually hurting the nature. There were many major names that fought for the well-being of the wild animals and one of the most famous of them was the American president Teddy Roosevelt. Ever since, the battle for a better and safer environment was usually fought by some brave individuals and NGOs that tried to make a better world for tomorrow. But the truth is that without the support of a government, the battle of a few is futile. This is why the environmental battle was soon moved from the forests and oceans to the rooms of the governmental buildings and in the parliament.

Working Together

We first realized the necessity of a common work when the first evidence about the Ozone Hole appeared sometimes in the 50s. In that moment various governments realized that it is no longer a problem of some polluting states and factories and that it should be a common battle. That is the moment when the production process started to be regulated by the federal laws and the first international meetings began to take place. There were many problems in putting many nations together because they started to blame each other for the environmental impact.

The first major international meeting happened during the 90s in Rio de Janeiro where almost all the countries on the planet met to decide some common rules to protect the planet. This is the time when politics started to use the environmental change more and more during the campaign and speeches. We see that some of the laws like the CO2 emission regulations for cars are adopted by many countries in order to make a better future. The idea started at the activists, but it took the political power to really implement it.

Modern Advancements

We see that nowadays there are more and more countries that fight for the environment and the citizens start to look more and more to the politicians that propose laws and regulations that would protect the nature. The problem is when politics has other targets. We see that major changes usually happened in developed countries because they had enough funds for major infrastructure projects and that they had negotiation power with the polluting factory owners. Countries that are still developing have to sometimes let go of the environmental battle for the immediate wellness of the citizens.

But this thing is also changing and the best time to see it was the 2016 Paris summit in which American companies granted special credits for India in order to have better sustainable energy sources. This is a very good example that politics play a major role in the global environment change and that the majority of the work is now done at the negotiating table. Politics will always play a major role in the environmental movement and vice-versa. People realized the importance of a change and they now choose candidates by taking the environment battle into count too.

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