The 5 Biggest Threats to the Environment
The 5 Biggest Threats to the Environment
The 5 Biggest Threats to the Environment

In January, Earth Day took place around the world. It is a day that is designated for everybody to stop and think of issues that affect our planet. And to think of solutions that we can all put in place to fix the damage that we are doing to it. Many people take Earth Day as an opportunity to educate themselves on the big issues that face us as a world community and what are the biggest threats we face. To help you to join in on the debate, here are five of the biggest environmental issues that face society today.

Climate Change

The biggest problem with climate change is that the politicians and scientists of the world cannot agree if it is actually a problem. And before we can seriously look at solutions to this severe problem we firstly need to act together as one. Surprisingly most of the regular people of the world all seem to agree that climate change is a real issue, it is the so-called professionals that cannot seem to see it?


Curiously one of the solutions to climate change is actually planting more trees as these are nature’s way of acting as a carbon filter. But we are actually cutting down more trees than ever to make way for roads and factories.

This has a twofold effect, firstly it destroys the natural habitat of many wild creatures and secondly there is less cleansed oxygen being pumped back into the air. The tropical rainforests are critical for the human race to survive, and we have already destroyed half of them.


Pollution comes in many guises, from the plastic in our oceans to the gases we pump into the air. We have become focused on being a consumer-based society and everybody wants more stuff. This brings an ever-decreasing circle of more goods being made and packaged. If we can help to change the mindset of society as a whole to think before they buy and understand the pollution aspects of owning more stuff, then we are half way there to helping the problem.

Loss of Biodiversity

Everything in the world has a purpose and it all impacts upon one another. So, when a species dies out and becomes extinct it can cause really bad knock-on effects. This is sometimes known as the Butterfly Effect, and just a species dwindling in population can seriously affect the biodiversity of the planet. As an individual it is hard for you to really do anything about such as global problem, but you can engage with wildlife foundations and give them your support.

Melting Polar Icecaps

Another reason to believe in climate change are the melting Polar icecaps, and as the ice melts, the levels of the sea rise. And research conducted by NASA has shown that the permanent ice cover in this region is shrinking by almost ten percent every ten years. You need not to be great at math to realize that if this continues there will be no ice left in a very short period of time. If these issues are allowed to continue then the planet is in serious danger, and not too far into the future the world will be a far different place than it is now.

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