The Eco-friendliest Way to Travel
The Eco-friendliest Way to Travel
The Eco-friendliest Way to Travel

Sadly today, many of the most common types of transportation pollute the environment. Transportation in the United States accounts for almost half of all the fuel emissions produced worldwide. These emissions contribute to pollution and global warming, having a negative affect the world over. Many older cars release large quantities of it, and even though newer cars are made to help to minimize the problem, the combined effect of several cars on the road does add up. This means that one of the best ideas is to ride a bicycle to work, or even simply walk, if that is at all possible and feasible. Bicycles or walking not only release no emissions but help to keep you healthy.

Public Transport

If riding a bicycle is not a possibility for you then take public transportation if it is available in your area. This way there is one less motor vehicle on the road releasing pollutants into the atmosphere. The other possibility, especially if there is no public transport system where you live, is to arrange to carpool to and from work with other employees. You can imagine that if there are four of you, then only ¼ of the emissions will be released into the air since you are not all driving a separate car. If you need to buy a new car, consider buying a hybrid or electric car, that produces very little or no emissions. At the very least rather buy a small car than a large car like an SUV.

Pack Light

If you are flying somewhere always try to pack light. This is because the more weight the plane carries, the more fuel it needs to burn and hence the more emissions will be released into the atmosphere. Pack only what you absolutely have to take with when you are flying. If you can choose between driving overland to a destination instead of flying, it is best to drive if at all possible, as it releases less carbon emissions than planes, and you will see countryside along the way.

Avoid Over Use of Amenities

When staying at a hotel or bed and breakfast, do not take long showers. Use as little water as possible and do not waste it. Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth. Avoid buying bottled water if you can safely drink tap water at your destination. The plastic container becomes one more waste product that does not easily biodegrade in the environment. If you do have to use plastic, try to find where you can take the it to be recycled.

Respect Nature

If you are going out hiking, be respectful of nature. Do not stray from the designated trail or path. This way you won’t stand on or destroy the plant life and environment. When camping, be cautious to camp only where you are allowed to do so. Do not destroy wildlife in attempts to pitch your tent. Do not litter and remove any trash when camping or hiking in the wilderness. By following these tips that we have given you can travel in an ecofriendly way that helps the environment.

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