The Greenest Cars Money Can Buy
The Greenest Cars Money Can Buy

One of the biggest pollutants of the modern world is the humble motorcar. There are more than one billion cars on the world’s roads and each of them churns out gasses that are harmful to humans and contribute to the global warming epidemic. Cars are not going anywhere; they are too integral to modern day life, but they are getting cleaner and greener with each passing year. We may not yet have the technology for self-sustaining cars but those days will come one day. Until that happens, however, we may have to make do with the current crop of electric and hybrid motor vehicles, of which some of the cleanest and greenest are found below.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla are without a doubt the coolest brand in the world when it comes to electric cars. The company’s revolutionary CEO Elon Musk. Musk wants to fly to space, have a greenhouse on Mars and even have a completely solar powered city, and he also wants to make sustainable energy the energy of choice for everyone in the world. The Tesla Model 3 isn’t overly cheap at $35,000 but it looks beautiful. Its sleek likes make it look like a regular sports car while its 0-60 mph time of under six seconds and a 215-mile range make it drive like one. If all electric cars looked like those Tesla builds, there would be a lot more of them on the roads.

Chevrolet Bolt

When you think of Chevrolet cars you think of big, brash vehicles with oodles of power that tear up the tarmac under their wheels. This may be the case for “Chevvy’s” of old but the Bolt flips this concept on its head. The Chevrolet Bolt may be a small car in the physical sense, but it could be huge if the American public get behind the project. The Bolt has 200 horsepower and can reach 60-mph from a standing start in 6.5 seconds while being able to travel up to 190-miles on a single charge.

BMW i3

No popular car list would be complete without it having a BMW on it. The German giant has one of the fastest and exotic electric cars on the market in the shape of the i8, which can reach 155 mph and go 0-60 in 4.4 seconds, but now it has a more family orientated car in the i3. The small car may have a love-it or hate it shape but it can travel 81 miles when run completely on electric or up to 150 miles thanks to a built-in generator. Improvements in batteries are seeing extensions to the ranges of BMW’s range with each new model so expect this figure to rise sharply.

Volkswagen E-Golf

Volkswagen landed themselves in hot water with the authorities after it became public knowledge the German manufacturer had doctored emission figures of its popular diesel models to meet testing standards. VW hopes to make amends with its E-Golf, a beautiful looking car that had 124 miles of range in its first all-electric car.

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