Ways in Which the Fashion Industry is Being ECO Friendly
Ways in Which the Fashion Industry is Being ECO Friendly
Ways in Which the Fashion Industry is Being ECO Friendly

The fashion industry has gone through some serious scandals in the past years because of the accusations regarding the manufacturing process and the origins of the fabrics. This industry is very artistic, but it is also focused on making products at the lowest prices to sell them to a wider range of people. There are different segments in this field that address to different budgets, but most of the companies want to make the process as efficient as possible. This led to many controversies and accusations. Lately, the fashion industry started creating some ECO-friendly methods of production and it also started some very beautiful campaigns to help the environment. We have listed some of the ways in which the fashion industry is ECO friendly in order to better understand to production process and the pieces that clothe us.


The biggest problem of the fashion industry is the production process. There are countless comparisons that show us just how bad it is for the environment. A plain colored T-shirt takes 2500 to be produced. This is the amount of water a person would drink in 900 days. These numbers are shocking, and they are one of the reasons why this problem escalated to fast. There are many companies that are proud of producing clothing using mixed materials. These are much better than the classic cotton because cotton is also a very water-consuming plant. Most of the brands now prefer to mix cotton with linen or other natural fibers that require less water to do less harm to the nature.

Recycled Material

A very big trend now is the recycled material. Emma Watson showed at a gala in an amazing dress made from recycled plastic bottles. This moment was a shock for the fashion industry and the average customer and it showed that responsible production is possible. There are many companies that now focus on testing recycled material and incorporating them in the next collection. Most of the indie designers have already started this trend and there are many small fashion brands that are now 100% ECO friendly. This is a trend that is spreading to the big names too.

Some brands even battle to recycle themselves. After the fast-fashion scandal H&M started being a much more responsible company. They have recycled bins in almost every store where they invite their customers to bring their old clothes to be recycled. This way they hope to stimulate the customers to be more responsible. Another way in which the brands help the nature is by using natural dies and by avoiding materials like polyester that are proven to pollute the water when it is washed. Another emerging trend is the “lasting” one. There are many brands that fight the fast decay of the fast-fashion clothes by producing clothes that are guaranteed to last for years and years to prevent the waste.

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