Why Deforestation is Ruining the World
Why Deforestation is Ruining the World

The climate change and endangered species seem to be regular words in our vocabulary lately. These environment changes are happening so fast that many people wonder what the solution to this problem is. One of the ground reasons why all these abrupt changes are happening is the deforestation. This is the act of cutting down the trees in an area. In the past, it was used to gather wood for the fire and industry and to make place for the crop fields. This thing is happening now too but at a much greater speed and this is one of the biggest problems. In the past, the forests had time to grow back or they were planted back by us but now this process is so savage and chaotic that we have almost no control over it. But why is deforestation so bad? We have listed some of the reasons to help you better understand this phenomenon and to make you more responsible and aware.

Greenhouses Gases

One of the biggest problems of deforestation are the greenhouse gases. These are the polluting gases that are produced all over the world and would normally be cleared out by the forests. We have all learned in school that plants have the capacity to transform the carbon dioxide into oxygen. This is the main mechanism that is controlling the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The problem is that there are large areas that have no forest anymore, especially the rain forests, one of the main filters of the air on Earth. This lack of filtration leads to the accumulation of these gases that causes lung problems, pollution and abnormal atmosphere that leads to serious environmental problems.

Water Cycle

The water cycle is also disturbed because of deforestation. There are huge areas that haven’t seen a drop of rain in years because of this. One of the key parts in the water cycle is the passage through plants and the perspiration of the water. Without this, there are areas in which the humidity is so low that not even basic crops can be planted. And the biggest concern is the fact that this also leads to pollution and it is one of the causes of the overall global warming that is not helping the planet or us.

The loss of species is a huge issue. There are many areas in which used to live some endangered species that eventually disappeared because their houses were destroyed. This is one of the most brutal and violent effects of deforestation, especially the illegal one that is majoritarian. We will probably see many species disappearing in the future years because of deforestation and it is heart-breaking.

The soil erosion is the problem that is threatening human lives every day. Floods and death by drowning are some of the direct effects of soil erosion, especially in regions with hills. The soil that used to have trees on it is not used with crops and can not hold the ground stable.

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