Why Our Oceans Need Cleaning
Why Our Oceans Need Cleaning

Nature around us is extremely beautiful but also very sensitive to changes. Humans are, unfortunately, the main source of contamination and so we need to fight to keep the planet as clean as possible. Most of our waste goes directly into the water, harming the seas and oceans and the life within them. There are many organizations that fight for marine life and for its well-being, but many people don’t really understand why it is so necessary. Here are several reasons and explanations for why the oceans should be kept clean.

Protect the Fish

First of all, the ocean is the home of some of the rarest species on the planet. There are many species of fish, mammals and turtles that can only live in saltwater. Too much dirt and pollution are life-threatening for these animals. Plastic poses another great problem for these rare specimens – waste usually becomes microplastic that is deadly for most small animals as they mistake it for food and die. Just as humans would not be able to thrive in an environment full of smoke and volatile chemicals, marine life cannot thrive in dirty, waste-filled waters.

The ocean is the basis of the food chain. Even if you are not a great fan of fish, you still must be aware of the ocean´s vital role on the planet and in our lives. For example, polluted waters that are full of plastic and waste don’t evaporate as well as clean water, which leads to lack of rain in very distant areas.  There are many small indigenous communities that rely on fish production; pollution of the ocean will plummet these small, vulnerable groups into hunger and poverty. It is of note that unclean waters lead to many diseases and an accumulation of heavy metals, like lead and mercury, in fish and other water mammals.

This can also have an adverse effect on us when we consume them. The high toxicity in fish can provoke many illnesses that are very difficult to diagnose and treat. Sadly, this has even lead to neurological problems in small children. The solution is simple – keep the waters clean so that fish remain healthy and we can maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

Safeguard the Birds

Polluted waters not only affect fish and humans, but also many bird species that live on the shore. There are far too many pictures of birds that have died due to large pieces of plastic that have choked them or they have mistaken for food. This causes a great imbalance in the ecosystems that later lead to the extinction of other land animals and species.

The animal world is very sensitive, and this is why even a small change can snowball to an ecological disaster hundreds of miles away from the original change. The oceans are some of the most dynamic and precious ecosystems on the planet and our indifference to its plight is destroying it.  We must keep it clean so that we can have a better planet for us, our future generations and for the animals.

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