How do you carry a camera without looking like a tourist?

How do you carry a camera without looking like a tourist?

Traveling to new places and exploring the world is an exciting experience. Capturing beautiful moments with your camera is a great way to preserve those memories. However, carrying a camera around can sometimes make you stand out as a tourist. In this article, we will discuss some tips on how to carry a camera without looking like a tourist.

Dress like a local

One of the easiest ways to blend in while carrying a camera is to dress like a local. Avoid wearing typical tourist attire such as fanny packs, safari hats, or loud-colored clothing. Instead, try to dress in neutral colors and clothes that are commonly worn by the locals. This will help you appear more like a local photographer rather than a tourist.

Use a discreet camera bag

Carrying your camera in a flashy branded bag can attract unwanted attention. Opt for a discreet camera bag that doesn’t scream “tourist.” There are many stylish camera bags available in the market that look like regular backpacks or messenger bags. These bags have dedicated compartments for your camera gear while maintaining a casual and inconspicuous appearance.

Keep your camera out of sight

One of the best ways to avoid looking like a tourist is to keep your camera out of sight when you’re not actively using it. Instead of hanging the camera around your neck or slinging it on one shoulder, keep it securely stored in your bag. Only take it out when you want to take a photo and quickly put it back once you’re done. This will make you less of a target for potential thieves and help you blend in with the crowd.

Use a camera strap without logos

How do you carry a camera without looking like a tourist?

When you do have your camera out and ready to shoot, make sure to use a camera strap that doesn’t have any big logos or branding. Plain and simple straps are less likely to draw attention to your camera. Additionally, using a strap that matches the color of your camera or clothing can further help you blend in and appear more like a local.

Be aware of your surroundings

While taking photos, it’s essential to be aware of your surroundings. Avoid standing in the middle of a crowded tourist spot or holding up traffic to get the perfect shot. Instead, find a comfortable and inconspicuous spot from where you can capture your desired image without causing any inconvenience to others. This will make you appear more considerate and less like a typical tourist.

Act like a local

Lastly, one of the most effective ways to blend in is to act like a local. Observe how locals behave and try to mimic their actions. Avoid looking lost or constantly checking your map or guidebook in public. Instead, confidently navigate through the streets and interact with the environment as if you belong there. This will help you avoid unnecessary attention and make you less likely to be seen as a tourist.

Carrying a camera while traveling doesn’t have to make you stand out as a tourist. By following these tips and blending in with the locals, you can capture beautiful moments without drawing unwanted attention. Remember to dress like a local, use a discreet camera bag, keep your camera out of sight when not in use, and act like a local. With these strategies, you can enjoy your photography while looking like a seasoned traveler rather than a typical tourist.


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