What does Rory McIlroy carry in his bag?

What does Rory McIlroy carry in his bag?

Rory McIlroy, a professional golf player from Northern Ireland, is known for his exceptional skills and achievements in the game of golf. As a professional golfer, his bag is equipped with a range of essential equipment and accessories to assist him in his performances on the course.

Golf Clubs

McIlroy carries a set of high-quality golf clubs that are tailored to his playing style and preferences. His bag typically includes a driver, a set of irons, wedges, and a putter. Each club is carefully selected and customized to optimize his performance in various game situations.

Golf Balls

As a professional golfer, McIlroy has a preference for specific golf balls that suit his playing style. The golf ball he carries in his bag is designed to provide him with the optimal combination of distance and control. These balls are carefully selected to meet the requirements of his game and provide him with an edge on the course.

Golf Bag

A golf bag is an essential accessory for any golfer, and McIlroy’s bag is no exception. His bag is carefully designed to accommodate all his clubs, balls, and other necessary equipment. It provides easy access to his clubs and ensures their protection during transportation. The bag also has additional compartments for storing smaller accessories and personal items.

What does Rory McIlroy carry in his bag?

Golf Gloves and Apparel

McIlroy always carries multiple golf gloves in his bag. These gloves provide him with a better grip on the club and help maintain control during his swings. He is also particular about his apparel and carries extra sets of golf shirts, trousers, and weather-appropriate gear. This ensures he is well-prepared for any weather conditions he may encounter on the course.


In addition to the essential equipment, McIlroy carries various accessories to enhance his performance and convenience on the course. These may include a range finder to accurately determine distances, a towel to clean his clubs, extra tees and ball markers, and energy snacks for sustained energy throughout his rounds.

Rory McIlroy’s golf bag contains a carefully selected range of equipment and accessories to support his performances on the course. From his personalized golf clubs to his preferred golf balls and various accessories, each item plays a crucial role in helping him excel in the game of golf.

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